Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ortlieb Recumbent Panniers

As with all things Ortlieb - waterproof and bombproof as well as highly functional.

I don't have any details yet, but I'm sure they'll be loads of press on these babies once they hit the street.

The photos came from this German site.


andy said...

with such a low profile I wonder whether these would work on a tikit ?


Vik said...

Well the height would be ideal, but I suspect their length would lead to heel strike issues.

Anonymous said...

i think these pictures are better

Vik said...

Thanks - those are nice pics...=-)

My name is Patrick. said...

I talked with Ortlieb USA (I run an online bike touring site, The Randonnee Shop), and they told me it'll be a 2009 offering in the USA, most likely!

Anonymous said...

According to Ortlieb.de;

The recumbent panniers will be available from January 1, 2009 on.

The recommended retail price in Germany for the panniers is € 279.95 per pair, the recumbent backpack is € 139.95 per piece. Prices in other countries might vary due to different VAT and customs fees (non-EU countries).

clarenza said...

Hi Vik

A few more details about the Ortlieb Recumbent Bag:

* 54 litre capacity (pretty big)
* 3.1kg (pretty heavy)
* QL2 attachment system
* PVC-coated polyester & Cordura
* bottle holster
* attachment for map case
* small pockets on the top
* red & black or all black
* 11.8" high, 24.8" wide, 7.5" deep
* rated IP x3 waterproofness (ie. protected against spray not immersion)
* rated IP 5x dustproofness (ie. slight penetration of dust possible)

More pictures at

The main competitor is probably Arkel with their RT-60 (big, ideal for rear rack) and RT40 (more compact, good for rear rack but ideal for under seat). The big plus for the Ortliebs is, of course, waterproofness.

Pluses for the RT40 include:
* cleverer design for access to outer compartments while keeping the bag as close as possible to the bottom of the seat (good for ground clearance)
* less than half the weight of the Ortlieb -- only 1.45kg (note: the 60 litre RT60 is 2.9kg)
* $259 US for RT40 (plus $40 for rain covers) vs 280 Euros for the Ortlieb.

By the way, the Arkel site is inconsistent in its sizing info for the RT40. Here's the clarification Arkel gave me:

"The back-plate which dictates the main compartment dimensions is 12 inches high by 17.5 inches at its longest. The rear zippered pocket adds 3 inches for a total length of 20.5 inches.

"The thickness of the main compartment is 6 inches. If you add the front zippered pocket, the thickness becomes 10 inches overall (without anything in the front mesh pocket).

"3.2 lbs is for the pair of RT-40."


Pete said...

We just got them in, they look fantastic!

Ortlieb Recumbant Panniers

Ortlieb Recumbant Backpack